Tips for Choosing and Using Gold Metal Detectors

The thought of treasure hunting for gold nuggets brings to mind images of the old west, with bearded miners hunched over muddy creek beds, laboriously panning for gold. Thanks to modern technology, today’s treasure hunting is far easier and much more efficient. Gold metal detectors have taken the back-breaking work out of finding gold nuggets and flakes. Instead of spending hours combing through buckets of dirt hoping to find a single flake, you can spend minutes scanning the ground with a metal detector and know with certainty where the gold is before you dig.

The key to successfully using a metal detector to prospect for gold lies in choosing the right equipment. When determining which type of metal detector is best, you need to consider how you plan to use it. Searching for buried treasure on a deserted beach requires a far different type of metal detector than looking for gold flakes along a creek bed. Understanding the difference between the various types of treasure hunting is the best way to ensure that the gold metal detector you purchase lives up to your expectations.

First, let’s take a look at deep seeking metal detectors. These metal detectors tend to be more expensive than other models. However, they can typically see further down into the ground, making them the ideal choice if you are looking for buried objects or deeply buried nuggets. In general, larger gold nuggets tend to reside deeper in the ground. If you plan to search for old coins or deeply buried nuggets, investing in one of these metal detectors is probably your best bet.

Less expensive gold metal detectors are suitable for finding gold flakes and small gold nuggets located on or near the surface of the ground. If you want to quickly scan the ground along creek beds or out in the desert, this type of detector will probably be adequate to get the job done.

Along with a metal detector, you should also purchase some additional equipment. First and foremost is a good set of headphones. Headphones will help you hear the sounds emitted by your metal detector, allowing you to accurately pinpoint whatever it finds. Many locations where you will be hunting for gold are noisy. Having the ability to block out sounds such as running water can make the difference between finding gold and leaving empty handed.

You should also carry some basic gold mining equipment with you including a pick and a gold pan. This will allow you to separate any gold that you find from the surrounding soil. If you are searching for deep nuggets or coins, a small shovel can also help you recover any treasure that you find.

Gold metal detectors provide a fun and often profitable way to hunt for hidden treasure. Taking the time to choose the right equipment for your unique gold hunting needs will help ensure that your metal detector works as expected. Planning ahead and bringing everything you need along with you is the best way to improve your chances of a successful treasure hunt.

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