Tkeycoin: investors will receive a 20% bonus

For investors until June 30 2018, there are special conditions for the acquisition of the domestic cryptocurrency Tkeycoin. As ITAR TASS informs, after this date the blockchain platform will pass to a new investment round.

Now the currency is traded at a price of $ 1, investors receive a 20% bonus, which in the future will provide asset owners good privileges.

The developers of the blockchain platform expect a good growth of assets after Tkeycoin’s release to the international exchanges: the placement of the cryptocurrency is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. Some experts predict that the price of Tkeycoin can reach $ 10- $ 14, so that the owners’ assets will increase by at least 1250%. Other experts suggest: the price of the cryptocurrency will be $ 450 within 24-36 months after the placement of Tkeycoin (TCD) on the exchange.

digital currencyDue to the attention to the platform from foreign investors (Korea and the United Arab Emirates), the value of Russian cryptocurrency is getting higher. In May Tkeycoin began negotiations with the Alliance of Venture Funds of Korea, cooperating, as you know, with Samsung Corp. and Daewoo Inc. A successful transaction will immediately increase the value of the company by more than a hundred times. Source:

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