TOP-10 coins to buy before 2019 on p2pb2b exchange

The year 2019 is just around the corner and it is about time to think about future investments. CoinGecko tracking service currently provides information and statistics on over 3600 coins. Each of them has its own benefits but you cannot be sure that they all will meet your requirements and goals. The best place to choose the cryptocurrency for the investment is the exchange. It is simple to register, buy, sell, and trade your coins. p2pb2b trading platform has made a list of TOP-10 coins listed on their exchange that worth paying attention to.


A financial service provider that offers its users solutions for making payments, exchanging and mining in the crypto market. AAA coin is used in all services within the platform. The team provides 24/7 clients support and will soon introduce Ethereum wallet for safe and fast transactions with low cost.


Decentralized capital marketplace for affordable crypto investments. Users can tokenize real objects like buildings, projects, or funds and introduce them in the crypto market. SWM coins provide all transactions within Swarm network.


SaaS marketing tool for brand promotion. Companies create their campaigns, users can follow the page on Twitter, Telegram or share the info on FB and receive coins as a reward. Brands can attract a new audience, while users earn extra money for simple actions in social media.


An index fund that tracks and generates information about TOP-20 cryptocurrencies. C20 coin represents the share of the fund owned by an investor and is linked to the 20 coins. Users invest in all of these cryptocurrencies but only hold one coin.

City Coin

City Chain blockchain powers Smart City Platform that makes crypto technologies available for all citizens. Platform users can buy goods and services online with the help of various applications like City Hub app with a built-in wallet to store City Coins.


Business directory based on the blockchain technology where users can list and purchase products and services with ZDR coins. Zloadr provides a crypto listing, airdrop program, bank transfers, cryptocurrency calculator, bounty campaigns and more and only to reliable and profitable coins. Users can also get discounts on coin purchase and receive reports on their performance.

POP Network Token    

A decentralized blockchain-based platform for video monetization. Creators and video producers share videos, grow their community of fans and receive direct support from viewers in the form of POP tokens. Micro-payments received from fans can be stored on an in-browser POP Wallet.


Cloud mining powered by renewable energy. Users get access to a secure and highly-profitable ecosystem for mining coins which keeps our planet safe. HashByte network uses solar and wind energy, and, as a result, provides low fees, inexpensive contracts, and high returns.


A self-mining contract connected to 4000 crowd sale contributors within one network that doesn’t require any hardware. Each of them gets an equal amount of mined coins within the next 15 years. EvenCoin has a fixed cost for transactions 0,03$ that can be made within 30 seconds. The team will soon introduce a possibility for users to buy flight tickets and book hotels with their coins.


A software development company that creates blockchain-based solutions for fund management. Over $20 billion of assets are currently placed under the administration of the platform. Users access investment portal with digital subscription documents, spend management, procurement, payment solutions, and 24/7 client support.


All the above-mentioned coins are available for buying, selling, and trading on p2pb2b exchange. Check out the official website for more information about the trading platform.

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