TOP-10 Promising Projects According to p2pb2b

p2pb2b constantly follows after the changes in the cryptocurrency market and stays tuned with the projects presented. ICO are slowly losing their influence but we believe that there are still startups out there that can make burst the market. Our team has chosen TOP-10 promising projects among digital coins that either have already brought a great value to the industry or will definitely do it in the future.

BOOSTO – a decentralized App Store driven by 350K influencers with 2B fans worldwide which provides users with the opportunity to get DAPPS within the network, while for developers – to create their own DAPPS based on the BOOSTO protocol.

SKYFchain – a B2R (Business-to-Robots) operating platform that tends to set the standards for the robotic delivery industry and to integrate information for all market participants with the help of smart-contracts and transactions in SKYFT tokens. The ICO got 4,6 out of 5 points in the ICObench rating based on the opinion of 59 experts.

GENEXI – a digital marketplace that unites global biotech industry participants within one network: producers, distributors, customers. It guarantees the high-quality service with the help of track&trace system. Tokens valued almost $37 mln were sold during the ICO.

TraDove – a B2B platform with over 250K corporate users and 100K companies for marketing, sales, and trading based on TraDove token that ensures buyer/seller interaction together with fair payments and transparency by implementing blockchain and AI technologies.

Eternal Trusts – a crypto protocol for creating DAPPS that allows anyone interested in accepting cryptocurrencies to integrate blockchain into the business processes and to offer a new way of an asset management. ICO was rated 4,7 out of 5 at ICObench.

ARROUND – an AR-based platform that gives brands a new way of engaging with consumers by using creative campaigns in augmented reality. Among partners are Unilever, Campari Group, Scania and other major players of the market.

LeadRex – a platform based on blockchain and AR technologies that tends to increase the conversion rate of advertising campaigns while reducing their costs. The ICO got the highest mark inTrackICO and FindICO ratings.

Squeezer – a software development platform with over 75K downloads that uses microservices platforms (AWS Lambda, Google Functions etc.) and allows users to build decentralized serverless applications without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure.

Playgame – a decentralized crypto arcade Playground that offers solutions based on the blockchain for game developers to raise funding for their projects. Over 13K subscribers and fans.

Bubbletone – a blockchain-based marketplace created by specialists with over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry that connects mobile network operators and end users all over the world and eliminates the need in costly roaming technology by implementing smart contracts.

infoIn case if you represent the above-mentioned projects and are interested in the partnership with our crypto exchange, please contact us at p2pb2b team will be glad to answer all your questions and discuss further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Stay tuned!

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1 year ago

WOW! TOP 10 projects of the year? Really? Gonna go explore some! great research by p2pb2b, nice job

1 year ago

This projects will definitely bring a great value to the industry in the future 100$ sure. WELL DONE p2pb2b!

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