TOP-15 Promising Crypto Projects 2018 – p2pb2b Choice

According to ICOdata, over 1200 ICO’s were launched in the crypto market in 2018. In total, those projects gathered more than $7,3 billion of investments. p2pb2b exchange has conducted own research among startups and selected TOP-15 projects that have a great potential to succeed in the crypto market. The team of the platform made a choice based on the information on the ICObench tracker and the official websites of the ICOs. Most of the projects selected have already finished their ICO, either have no less than 4 points of the ICO rating, received no less than 15 expert reviews, gathered at least $1,5 million of investments, or have an active community of supporters, and their coins are not presented at CoinMarketCap yet.

Kuende – a blockchain-based social network that uses gamified challenges to encourage interaction between users. The project got 4 points in the ICObench rating based on 25 expert reviews and gathered over $3,2 million.

XAYA – a gaming platform based on the blockchain technology where games run serverless and unstoppable.29 experts highly valued its ICO which raised approximately $2,3 million of the investments.

Qiibee – a loyalty ecosystem which uses blockchain in order to help brands to launch loyalty programs and provide services for their customers. ICObench rating: 4.2 based on 25 expert reviews, $8,4 million raised.

ZEON network – a blockchain-based investment platform that provides fast, free and secure transactions and makes the investment in crypto more affordable and safe. During its ICO the project raised over $11 million and gathered a strong community of over 20000 supporters around the network in FB, Telegram, and Twitter.

Pool of stake – a pool for PoS-based coins that aims to help small coin holders to increase their profit.  The ICO got a rating of 4.2 points on ICObench and raised $2,3 million.  

Spotcoin – an all-in-one platform that provides an access to digital asset markets, over-the-counter trading, mining and payments in one place. The project raised phenomenal $14,5 million during the ICO and currently has over 26000 followers only on its Telegram channel.

Invox Finance – a decentralized peer-to-peer invoice landing platform that tends to solve cash flow problems of small business. A highly-professional project team was rated 4.8 out of 5 and brought a total of 4.5 in the ICObench rating system.  

FLUX – a monetization protocol for the online gaming industry which allows gamers to earn on their in-gaming achievements. The ICO of the project ended in May 2018 with $2,8 million raised and 4.1 rating on ICObench.  

eHarvestHub – a social project that unites small farmers, retailers, and independent carriers in order to make food accessible to everyone. With over $8 million funds raised and more than 25000 supporters in social networks, the project is expected to reach their goal pretty fast.  

ORCA – an open banking platform that helps users to efficiently track their portfolio of crypto and fiat currencies. ICObench experts rated the project at 4.4 points, where 4.7 points were given to the team and the vision.

Daneel – an AI-based assistant that analyzes and generates relevant news, prices, and insights of the cryptocurrency market within one platform. In less than 2 months the project raised over $2,6 million and has great plans for the future development.    

Webchain network – an ASIC-resistant blockchain protocol created for mining via websites. The project didn’t hold any ICO but has interesting solutions for the crypto market. The platform can be accessed through secure DApps and makes all miners equal within the network. ASICs or GPU miners won’t have big advantages over CPU miners, Webchain ensures fair distribution.   

Liquidity Network – an online blockchain-based financial platform that allows users to send fast and fee-free micropayments within the Ethereum network. The ICO of the projects was granted with over $26 million. More than 20000 people currently joined the community and provide the project with a strong support.

LUCRE – an algorithmic trading platform based on the “don’t hold” philosophy allowing coin holders to trade their digital assets more rather than holding them and waiting. The project has only started its preICO stage and already got 4.7 points on ICObench rating system.

Boomstarter – a fundraising platform created especially for blockchain projects. It has no geographical restrictions, provides fast transactions and enables mining tools for the projects to raise investments. The project already closed the ICO with over $3,4 million raised.  

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