Transnistria expects growth investment in mining

The Government plans to locate mining farms with a total capacity of 100 MW in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. In Transnistria, it was possible to attract investment in the cryptocurrency mining, said Prime Minister Alexander Martynov during a large interview with two television channels.

“We have adopted a fairly liberal law that stimulates the activity of miners in the territory of Transdniestria. We have protected them from legal relations with our tax system. All we need is for the miners to buy electricity in Transnistria. At the same time, we do not administer their revenues and have no complaints about them. So it is written in the law, we have created a special free economic zone, and these conditions are better than in other countries” – the prime minister explained.

In addition, for such an energy-intensive process as mining, Transdniestria is ready to offer relatively cheap electricity using the unused production capacity of MGRES.


“The more miners in the PMR, the higher the load of MGRES, the more station revenues, which means more tax deductions, and most importantly, more revenues to the special gas account from which the Transnistrian budget deficit is financed. So far, our plans are to reload MGRES by 50, and better by 100 MW. For our budget these are substantial revenues, and they are already incorporated in the draft budget for the next year. Today, we have (mining-farms – approx.) From 5 to 7 MW in our country and we plan further growth next year” – said Alexander Martynov.

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