Trump supporters’ social network will issue its own NFT tokens

The social network Parler, which is considered a platform for supporters of former US President Donald Trump, plans to expand with NFT assets. According to Reuters, the leadership of the social network cites the rapid growth of digital assets in recent months as the reason for this step.

The popularity of unique cryptographic tokens – NFTs – is now growing exponentially. And more and more companies and people are joining this hobby by launching their own personal NFTs.

Recently, Donald Trump’s wife Melania launched her first token, a watercolor painting by Marc Antoine Coulomb, and at the same time launched a new platform that will regularly issue NFT. And it is precisely this platform that is discussed in the statement of the leadership of the social network Parler.

From the description, NFT objects will be released at regular intervals. An auction is scheduled for January, which will include three elements: digital art, fine art and a “unique accessory”.

The social network was launched in 2018 for those looking for an alternative to Facebook and Twitter, and quickly gained support from supporters of the former US president. However, the platform almost disappeared after protests in the United States on January 6, ending with the storming of the Capitol. Then all major social networks blocked Trump’s accounts, and he urged his associates to go to Parler, which effectively destroyed the social network. Her app was removed from the App Store and Google Play for lack of moderation.

Parler was silent for about a month, and after that he began to come back to life, which he still does. And, probably, the interest in NFT tokens is an attempt to attract a new audience to the site on the wave of popularity of the direction.

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