Tunisia has an electronic currency

Tunisia is the first country in the world which has announced the launch of electronic currency. A blockchain experiment has started in the country, after some time the Central Bank of Tunisia will decide on the launch of the so-called state currency.

The first transaction in the digital system was carried out in the presence of Murani El Abyssi, the head of the Central Bank of Tunisia. Electronic money will operate on the basis of a Russian-made blockchain system. The technology exporter, Universa Blockchain, will receive a percentage of transactions.

The electronic money that has appeared in Tunisia is not a cryptocurrency, says Alexander Borodich, founder of the Universa blockchain platform. Borodich explained that Tunisia launched CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency. Digital money, at the same time, is fully secured by real ones.

Tunisian citizens will be able to replenish their electronic wallets in special kiosks that appeared in the state in the amount of two thousand units. Customers can use the digital money system using an Internet browser, and in the future a special mobile application will be launched.


In order to send money to another person or pay for a purchase, a person need to scan a QR code. It is assumed that the launch of CBDC will allow Tunisia to save on printing paper banknotes, as well as increase the popularity of cashless payments among the population.

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