Twitter has opened the opportunity to make cryptocurrency payments

The social network Twitter has launched an extension called Trippin, which allows micropayments in cryptocurrency using the Lightning Network.

To work, you need to install the extension in Chrome or Firefox browsers, after which a lightning bolt icon will appear next to the Like and Retweet buttons on Twitter. Next, you need to register at Trippin through your Twitter account, after your new an e-wallet with Lightning Network support will be created. The extension works not only on the social network, it can also be installed for your own website or blog.

“I connected Tippin and already got a few satoshi” – wrote Twitter creator Jack Dorsey in his account. Satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin.

By clicking on the lightning, a Twitter user can reward the author of a tweet with a micropay. The head of the social network promised to add support for the Lighting Network to the Cash App payment service, which is also a Dorsey project.


February 20, billionaire Tim Draper told Business Fox television that he keeps his savings in bitcoins, as it is much safer than bank accounts that are constantly under attack by hackers. Draper noted that in 5 years only criminals will use cash, and Bitcoin will be accepted for payment everywhere.

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