Twitter will release bitcoin storage gadget

Created and led by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Square has officially announced plans to develop and release a secure device that stores information about a user’s bitcoin wallet.

As the head of equipment development at Square, Jesse Dorogusker, said on Twitter, the company sees its mission in making secure storage of bitcoins massive. At the same time, a company representative did not say anything about the approximate timing of the plan’s implementation.

Initially, the idea to create a physical crypto wallet was voiced by Jack Dorsey himself in June. The tweet received a lot of responses that Square promises to take into account when developing the gadget. It is assumed that the device will be available worldwide and is focused primarily on mobile use. It’s also highly likely to integrate with Square’s Cash payment app.

Square, founded in 2009, sells cashless payment products and services. One of the company’s first devices was an accessory that works in conjunction with the company’s application and turns any iPhone into a payment terminal.

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