Types of Body Piercing Jewellery

Over the past few decades, body piercing jewellery has become a cool, new fashion for people of all ages to express their individuality and style. Now, there are many different types of piercing jewellery for a wide variety of body parts. The jewellery can also come in many materials, for all types of bodies.

Today, some of the most common piercings are facial piercings. For faces, body piercing jewellery often consists of barbells, typically found on the eyebrows, labrets on the lips, and studs in the nose or cheeks. Most of these jewellery come in silver, gold or surgical steel for those with allergies to the more precious metals.

The designs of facial body piercing jewellery are usually simple. Studs and labret piercings are often just steel balls through the flesh. Occasionally nose piercings have balls or precious stones set in them similar to a ring to give the jewellery a touch of flash. Eyebrow piercings are commonly barbells and often have colorful stoppers on the end. These barbells come in any possible color you could imagine.

Lower on the body, piercings for the belly button is especially popular among younger women. Belly button piercings have a wider variety of styles, too. Like facial piercings, studs and barbells are common. Barbells extend either below or above the navel in a curved shape, with a ball inside the navel and in the desired position.

Unlike eyebrows, navel barbells also have charms that can dangle from the navel. This popular style can add beauty and flare to the navel. From ship anchors to dangling diamonds, these body piercing jewellery are truly some of the most creative and inspiring jewellery on the market. Again, these jewellery pieces come in many materials to ensure that your body will look and feel great.

Further down, genital piercings are a less common but equally desirable type of piercing that has stunning, well made jewellery to enhance beauty or even performance in the bedroom. Both men and women enjoy the added style body piercing expression, and if taken care of properly, experience no complications in the process. On the genitalia, most locations are accepting of body jewellery. However, cleanliness and pain tolerance stop many from piercing below the belt.

Piercings on the genitalia are typically surgical steel due to the ability to create infection. Other material exists, but when getting the body jewellery piercing initially, surgical steel is recommended and often, piercing artists will not provide other types of jewellery.

jewelleryFor the unique jewellery all over the body, shape and material are the best ways to express. The material itself is the most striking. Animal bone is a becoming more common as body piercings become more acceptable and take inspiration from Africa and other places that have extended piercing culture. With these unique materials for jewellery, standing out is a must.

As for any type of body modification, research must be done to ensure that proper precautions are taken. From the artist piercing your body to the jewellery itself, make the right decision so that you love your piercing and your piercing loves you.

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