UN will switch to blockchain

The last full working week of this year provides an opportunity to once again be convinced: interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the world is not increasing, but it has practical refraction. So, Antoniu Gutterisch, UN Secretary General, said that blockchain is the technology which influential international structure like UN should use.

Moreover, he cited it as an example of those innovations that testify to the advent of the digital era in the life of mankind. Gutterish is sure that blockchain can accelerate the process of achieving the goals of sustainable development by the world.

The statement by the head of the UN is an important conclusion of this well-known organization, which follows from the fact that, to some extent, the UN is already using blockchain. So, the blockchain is involved in order to track negative trends in the Hong Kong labor market, in addition, the same technology is the basis for developing urban solutions in Afghanistan.


Finally, the president of ICAO, a specialized structure for the global aviation industry, Olumuiva Benard Aliu, emphasized in April this year that distributed registry technology is fundamental to the sustainable development of this critical industry in the global economy.

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