US scared of dollar competition with Durov’s cryptocurrency

Telegram creator Pavel Durov accused Apple and Google of total control over the applications that billions of users worldwide install on their smartphones. In addition, Durov suspected corporations that they collect taxes from all of humanity. He said the disastrous situation “for billions of users, for hundreds of thousands of developers, for national economies, for global progress.”

In turn, the founder of the digital consulting project Digital Partners, vice president of the international group of investment companies Adva-es, Peter Dvoryankin, told Radio 1 that Durov’s statement was a reaction to the US court closing its TON blockchain platform.

“I think that what we are observing now is a consequence of the fact that the United States refused Mr. Durov – firmly, at the last moment, when three weeks remained before the launch of the TON platform. They did everything right. Why did it happen? Because the American congressmen, the leadership, were afraid that an alternative to the American dollar would be created. Not only his cryptocurrencies were scared, but also the Libra cryptocurrencies, ”Dvoryankin noted.

We add that earlier the vice president of Telegram Ilya Perekopsky called on Russia to join the fight against the 30 percent tax on Apple and Google from purchases in mobile applications. He stressed that the tax does not fully reveal the potential of mobile application developers.

“What Perekopsky spoke about – about creating regional stores for Google Play and iTunes – is a very interesting idea. Thus, they want to try at the regional level to limit the monopoly, which everyone is very dissatisfied with. I think this is a very reasonable decision. This issue concerns not only Russia, but also the European Union, China, and Japan. The Apple Store and Google Play are a monopoly with which to fight, ”the expert concluded.

Meanwhile, on June 18, Roskomnadzor announced that it would remove restrictions on access to the Telegram messenger. Such an agreement was reached with the Prosecutor General’s Office, according to the website of the department. It is noted that the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov expressed his willingness to counter terrorism and extremism.


The chairman of the board of the Digital Economy Development Fund, the ex-adviser to the president of the Russian Federation on the development of the Internet German Klimenko, on the air of the NSN, expressed doubt that Durov is recognized in cooperation with Russian law enforcement agencies. However, he said that without this, Roskomnadzor would not have ceased to block Telegram.

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