US state will stop accepting taxes in Bitcoin

Ohio Chief Treasurer Reported Option Unavailable until Attorney General Expresses Opinion. Ohio is the first state in the United States which allow its residents to pay taxes using Bitcoin from November 2018, now the state refused this option. According to the chief treasurer of the state Robert Sprague, this was due to the cessation of support for the website through which transactions were conducted.

The portal fell under the definition: “means of carrying out financial transactions”, and the BitPay service, through which the cryptocurrency was converted to fiat, did not receive special permission from the Depository Council. Sprague emphasized that he adheres to the idea of ​​disseminating innovative technologies, but added that the website should be suspended until the state attorney general will make his decision.

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The possibility of paying taxes using cryptocurrency was signed by Josh Mandel, who served as state treasurer last year. During the year the website was functioning, less than ten business representatives took advantage of it, and the option never became available to individuals.

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