Uzbekistan will create a mining pool and launch a cryptocurrency exchange

The National Agency for Project Management under the Republic of Uzbekistan President is going to form a mining pool to consolidate the capacities of domestic and foreign miners at the national level.

Miners who join the pool will receive privileges in the form of reduced electricity tariffs.

According to the regulator, the creation of a mining pool will allow miners to withdraw from the shadow economy and increase the security of cryptocurrency mining.

Now the initiative is going through a stage of interagency coordination. The other day, the draft document will be put up for public discussion.

In addition, the launch of the licensed cryptocurrency exchange Uznex is expected in Tashkent on January 20, at which companies will be able to sell mined coins. So far, the site under the control of the South Korean provider Kobea Group is in beta testing and supports seven trading pairs.

Earlier it was reported that in Uzbekistan, the Koreans will launch a cryptocurrency exchange.

Prior to this, Uzbekistan has regulated trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.


At the same time, tariffs for miners will triple in Uzbekistan.

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