Venezuelan government will pay senior citizens Christmas prizes at Petro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that this year’s Christmas Award will be paid to retirees in Petro’s national cryptocurrency.

This is not the first time that Maduro has been promoting Petro and paying pensioners various bonuses in the state cryptocurrency. Additionally, in December last year, the Venezuelan government announced the start of the pension savings for Venezuelan citizens in Petro.

Recently, Venezuelan Deputy of the National Constituent Assembly Francisco Torrealba expressed the opinion that all currencies will be replaced by cryptocurrencies. He emphasized that Venezuela is now undergoing a stage of significant change and Maduro did a “great service” to the country when he launched Petro.


Recall that in July of this year, Maduro ordered from Venezuelan Bank to start working with Petro, and in August, the head of the Crypto Assets Department and Related Operations (Sunacrip) called the citizens to use Petro for cross-border payments.

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