Visa and MasterCard will not participate in the launch of Facebook cryptocurrency

eBay Stripe and Mercado Pago also left the project. The international payment systems Visa and MasterCard refused to participate in the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency, which was initiated by Facebook.

Last week, PayPal also announced its withdrawal from the association, which worked on cryptocurrency. It is noted that now there is not a single major payment partner in the United States with the giant social network and this may make Libra difficult to enter the domestic market.

The first meeting of the Libra Association Council is due to take place on October 14 in Geneva, at which it was planned to sign a framework agreement with partners. The company said that the meeting will take place, as planned.


Earlier it was reported that the US Congress blocked the Facebook project to create its own cryptocurrency. G7 finance ministers later said cryptocurrencies like Libra Facebook could destabilize the global economy and be used to launder money or even finance terrorism.

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