What are the advantages of the Russian national cryptocurrency?

In the fields of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Participants told about Russian national cryptocurrency. Blockchain technologies and the national cryptocurrency will allow Russia to get a number of advantages in terms of sanctions, experts said.

According to Sergei Zhigarev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship, the blockchain will allow Russia to bypass various sanctions.

“The appearance, for example, of the national crypto currency or the cryptocurrency, which would be used in the calculations with our partners, including those on which today they are going to impose all kinds of financial restrictions, would make it possible and simplify our calculations,” Zhigarev stated.

Regarding the blockchain, he noted that Russia needs to develop and adopt this technology as soon as possible.

In addition, the head of the Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Blockchain Yuri Pripachkin assured that Russia is not going to stay away from such a promising technologies.

“Thanks to such projects on the blockchain such as an “Active citizen”, we can transform the social activity of citizens into the economy.” This is a real digital economy – a new one, rather than stretched to an analog one” the expert concluded.

economyAt the same time, the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia, Olga Skorobogatova, believes that the blockchain is not yet a mature technology, nor is it used on an industrial scale. Source: ren.tv

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