What should a beginning trader know to trade cryptocurrency successfully

Сryptocurrency trading is of current interest, and many investors aim to take advantage of the high market volatility to make profit by playing on the difference in the rates of digital assets.

Technically, the process of trading is quite simple — you buy cryptocurrency, register on the crypto exchange and you generate income by making transactions. Add here the right choice of the trading platform, the desire to explore this shpere, the understanding of money management – and you will provide yourself with all the necessary components of successful trading. If you decide to try yourself as a trader, here are a few reasons why you should start with the Alterdice cryptocurrency exchange.

1.   High security is guaranteed to all users who are working with the platform. It is achieved by the effective set of innovative technologies and the proven protection systems. The platform daily backs up its database, archiving the encrypted information, and also uses the two-factor authentication of user accounts. On the exchange, modern methods of server protection and DDOS attacks reflection are implemented. Most of the digital assets is stored in cold wallets.

2. The site provides high liquidity for the great amount of the leading cryptocurrencies, forming an average daily turnover of $ 1.377 million and allowing you to exchange one digital asset for another, as well as for the main traditional currencies easily and quickly. Alterdice clients are provided with the access to various types of trading orders, which ensures profit from transactions, regardless of the directions of the market. Using graphs is helpful to make the right decision for each specific operation.

3.   Alterdice exchange retains one of the lowest commissions for transactions that do not exceed 0.2% for all assets. You can refill the account without any charges, and the minimum fees for the digital funds withdrawal are automatically calculated by the system when you make a payment request.

4.  It is equally convenient to make profitable deals on the exchange via web interface or mobile app. You can start trading within a few minutes after registering your account and gain access to full functionality with the ability to make transactions, manage orders and positions, transfer funds between wallets, monitor the movement of funds on the account, customize the interface and receive instant notification of transactions.

5. Flexible site infrastructure is formed by the system of individual microservices that are interconnected by socket through an MQ (Rabbit MQ) program message broker. A unified front-end in the implementation of the desktop and mobile versions ensures the synchronous operation of applications, rapid development and the implementation of new functionality.


Take advantage of one of the largest and most technologically advanced exchange platforms for easy and successful start in trading!

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