Why Buy From Discount Gold Brokers?

What Does Discount Gold Brokers Furnish To Consumers? Discount Gold Brokers imports and sells gold and silver coins from the United States and numerous other countries. They sell coins that are considered bullion and coins that have numismatic value. They have knowledgeable and experienced staff members who are continually keeping abreast of the precious metals marketplace.

Through their many sources Discount Gold Brokers is able to find some of the best values on rare coins, silver, gold, artifacts, and antiquities. This enables them to sell their products to consumers at a very reasonable price. They have a website at DiscountGoldBrokers.com where customers can view all of their available products and purchase them online.

Why Invest In Gold Coins?

There are a number of benefits of holding physical gold as compared to electronic or paper gold. In this period of uncertain economic conditions such as banking system problems, very low rates of interest, volatile stock markets,under performing currency markets, and recurring episodes of quantitative easing, gold offers a sound investment that has withstood the test of time. However, not every form of gold investment is safe. You must own physical gold that is in your possession. Physical gold is an investment that has stood the test of time, and has retained its value since antiquity. Physical gold furnishes you with insurance for the economic upheaval and poorly performing equity markets.

The banking crisis that affected the U.S. and U.K. several years ago should provide ample warning of the instability of our financial markets. In Sept. 2008 the British Chancellor declared that people were only two hours from being unable to access their funds from banks in the U.K. Many banks in the United States either failed or were bailed out by the government to prevent their failure. That event should be enough to convince you that it may be a good idea to have a backup plan. Physical gold can provide you with assurance that at least a portion of your wealth will be preserved should calamity strike.

The point here is that if you do not have it in your physical possession, you really don’t own it. Physical gold offers you security that Gold Funds cannot provide you with. Those gold funds or ETFs are traded on open markets and should a crisis ensue, they may become worthless. If you own physical gold coins you are not dependent upon another third party to safeguard your capital for you. When you hold physical gold you are the one in charge of your own capital. This is the best way of protecting yourself from financial calamity if market upheaval does result in a financial calamity.

Although physical gold is a safe haven for your capital, we are not advising you to allocate all of your capital to gold, just a portion of it. Physical gold should be part of portfolio that is diversified, with perhaps twenty percent of your capital invested in physical gold. It is best to be diversified and gold is a great way to hedge your other investments.

It is probably best for investors to diversify their investments into stocks, bonds, real property, and precious metals. This is a way to reduce your risk, since if stocks are performing poorly, it is likely that gold will be doing well. It is very unlikely that all markets will do well simultaneously, that is why it is a good idea to diversify. Physical gold will always retain its value, as it has since antiquity, so having a portion of your portfolio allocated to it is never a risky decision.

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