Why You Should Use An Antique Coffee Grinder

I am a confessed coffee addict. I went from drinking coffee once a week to becoming a full on addict. It all happened on a business trip to Washington D.C. where I was working on a project that would have me working 16 hour days.

I came back home and my wife discovered my habit. She was more offended by the cheap fast food coffee than by the fact that I was constantly fired up from the caffeine buzz. It was my wife who introduced me to gourmet coffee and we later learned and interesting way of making coffee that didn’t use filters.

This interesting way of making coffee used a Turkish coffee brewing cup. You put your coffee directly in the water, you let the coffee sit in the water for about 10 minutes and the coffee grind would drop to the bottom of the brewing cup.

This is the most amazing way to make coffee but it takes a special type of grinder that can finely grind the coffee beans so that it will settle to the bottom of the brewing cup.

The problem we had is that it is difficult to find a coffee grinder that will grind finely enough. We tried ever grinder on the market. We finally found our salvation when we discovered an antique coffee grinder. Not only did this classic grinder chop down the coffee to the consistency that we needed but it was beautiful. I’m a totally enthusiast so I get into such niche pieces.

To augment our antique coffee grinder we started to buy even more select coffee blends from all over the world. I think I now spend as much money on coffee as I do for a round of golf and it’s work it.

I do caffeinate in moderation and try to drink 2 equal portions of water for every cup of a coffee I drink. My habit has me drinking coffee twice a day and I take joy in grinding my coffee in my antique coffee grinder. I treat it as a type of meditation and it is a part of my morning routine.

I even plan my day around my coffee drinking. As an adult with ADHD who refuses to take prescription meditation a little bit of coffee really does help me focus. Without coffee I would be quite useless and would have the attention span of a 4 year old on a sugar bender. I suppose this is my form of self-meditating.

antique coffee grinder

I was recently watching a TV show and one of the characters talked about taking your time to make coffee the old fashion way. The character talked about how people rush too much through life. I agree! The old slow way is the best way and my coffee machine is now collecting dust.

As you can see, a classic coffee grinder can make a cup of coffee into a sacred experience and can turn an ordinary cup of coffee into a magical experience.

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