World of Tanks developer goes to Rosduma and wants to deploy a vote on the blockchain

One of the main developers of the cult network game World of Tanks Vyacheslav Makarov made an official statement: he said that he intends to create a political party in the near future and go to the polls. It is noteworthy that the new political force of the Russian Federation “Direct Democracy Party” will have its own application that will work using blockchain technology.

In addition to Makarov, the members of the new party are: Director of the Eurasian Communication Center Alexey Pilko, Deputy Head of Yandex.Money Legal Services Boris Chigidin, Unwired Devices General Director Oleg Artamonov and Live Journal ex-producer Timofey Shevyakov, consultant on government relations.

Makarov himself said that he hopes that representatives of Russian IT companies will become investors in this initiative.

“In many regions, IT companies are the largest taxpayers and are well aware of local issues” – he says.


The main innovation will be an application that allows voting on the blockchain, the results of which can not be changed after the fact. According to Makarov, in order to create such an application, he needs about $ 1 million.

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