Yandex has recorded the history of Bitcoin

According to the Yandex search engine, for the first time Bitcoin became interested in 2009, and in 2017, the value of digital currency interested users more than the dollar.

Yandex experts analyzed the statistics of search queries and made a brief history of Bitcoin. The study was conducted against the backdrop of the recent fall in the value of cryptocurrency.

According to statistics, the number of requests is growing in coordination with the rate of cryptocurrency. The biggest interest was recorded in December last year, when they asked about the cost of Bitcoin more often than about the dollar rate. The sharpest spike was recorded by Yandex on August 13, 2017, when the value of the digital currency broke through the $ 4,000 mark. Also, with the growth of Bitcoin, the mention of currency in social media also increases, which motivates users to search for information about it more often in search engines.

“Yandex” also recorded traces of cryptocurrency fever, when many Internet users around the world began to buy video cards and build mining farms. In May and December 2017, when attention to mining was strongest, there was an interest in video cards and high demand for hardware in the market.

According to the search engine, single requests for Bitcoin in “Yandex” were recorded back in 2009. The flow of requests for cryptocurrency became noticeable in 2010, when information about digital currency went beyond the geek party. The boom was fixed by the end of 2017, when out of a thousand requests to Yandex, at least two were about Bitcoin.

graphThe main digital currency began to be discussed again against the background of its strong decline. Late last week, bitcoin updated the minimum and fell below $ 4,000. Also, experts noticed that the unlucky miners began to sell their equipment for mining.

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