You can buy cryptocurrency simply through Opera’s built-in wallet on Android

The developers of Ethereum have created an application for the mobile version of Opera, a full-featured wallet embedded in the browser. At the initial stage, the application fully works only in three Nordic countries: Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

To make transactions with a cryptocurrency in the wallet interface, you can use traditional bank cards. The browser account remains for the Ethereum wallet application – the user enters his wallet with one click of the mouse without entering a login and password. However, you will first need to be identified in the browser. In Denmark, this is done through the NemID system, and in Sweden and Norway – through BankID.

For users verification, a separate service Safello is used, which performs brokerage functions. Safello operates in the jurisdiction of Sweden and is regulated by the Financial Supervision Authority. Commissions for buying cryptocurrencies are quite high, but at first a discount is provided for all users – for Swedish residents, the commission will be 2.5% instead of 7%, and 5% for the Danes and Norwegians.

The duration of the transaction when buying the ETH, according to the developers, will be no more than 1 minute.

Charles Hamel, who heads the cryptocurrency division at Opera, believes that care must be taken to ensure that all operations with cryptocurrency are as simple and fast as possible. Only in this way can cryptocurrency become a really popular means of payment.


Information on the further geographical expansion of the range of using Ethereum wallet for Opera on Android is not yet known. Recall, the presentation of Ethereum wallet integrated into Opera took place in December last year. In addition to the ETH, any tokens of the ERC-20 and ERC-721 standard are available.

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