Youtube is also thinking about introducing NFT

The head of YouTube said that the company is closely following all technological trends, including non-fungible tokens. We are always focused on expanding the YouTube ecosystem to help our creators benefit from emerging technologies, including the likes of NFT,” said Wojcicki.
The top manager did not name any specific plans to add NFTs to video hosting, so it is not yet known when and in what format they may appear on YouTube. Wojcicki also acknowledged that turning off the dislike counter was a “controversial decision” and caused justified discontent among users of the service.
According to her, YouTube management receives complaints that without a dislike counter it is sometimes difficult to understand whether it is worth spending time on a particular video. “People dislike for a variety of reasons, including those that have nothing to do with the video. This means that dislikes do not always allow you to decide whether the video is suitable for viewing or not, ”added Wojcicki, noting that this issue requires closer study.

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